Clubhuis Toxandria

Our great DJO team is working around the clock to make this event happen. We are all volunteers, but very dedicated and enjoying every second of this event!

For questions:

Or contact the person your question regards. 

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Eline van Unnik
Tournament director & Players

Arranging all players and the head of the tournament

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Tomas Poggio
Chairman & Sponsoring

Chairman of our meetings and responsible for sponsorship

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Thomas van den Bemd

Responsible for sponsorships and contracts

CL Paul
Paul van Winden
Course & production

Everything on and around the course

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Dominique van Unnik
Accomodation, transport & volunteers

Arranging players accomodation, hotel & airport transport and the volunteers

Jelle Walboomers
Jelle Walboomers

Responsible for all finance matters

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Taking care of all IT matters

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Marieke van Wijngaarden
Marketing & Press

Website, social media & other marketing and communication

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Pim Quispel

Responsible for all food and beverages